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Let yourself be pampered in the wellness area of Pension Alfa, in an oasis of peace and tranquility. Throughout the year, Hydrojet massage lounger and Shiatsu massage chair are available. Or you can try a favorite treatment that helps regenerate the body and soul - the bubble bath with additives and chromotherapy (colored light treatment). We provide also various types of massages, wraps, cosmetic services with anti-cellulite program, cupping and other wellness treatments. We also offer a beer spa in our partner saloon just 150-meter away. All spa treatments will definitely make your stay in Podebrady more pleasant. 

Hydrojet massage lounger

Hydrojet is a massage lounger which can be found in many spa and wellness centers. Massage table reduces muscle tension, increases circulation, reduces the level of toxins in the muscles, has a positive effect on the circulatory system, and much more!

Massage variants: parallel, specularly identical, circular, fine, standard, jet, transverse centerline

Shiatsu massage chair

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese healing method and means "finger pressure". This technique relaxes the whole body, helping to heal and creates a state of physical and mental wellbeing. Shiatsu Massage Chair offers a deep relaxation, reduce stress and fatigue, improved circulation of blood and lymph fluids and much more.

Bubble bath with additives

Bubble bath is an excellent regeneration treatment, which brings a pleasant relaxation, stress releaf and skin regeneration, releases muscle tension, improves blood circulation and enhances metabolism. You can choose from a variety of ingredients to your bath for an even more intense relaxing experience. First you have a 15 minute long bath, followed by application of hemp cream and 10 minutes of relaxation on the lounger.

Bath additives: chocolate, snake poison, cinnamon, tangerine, herbs, sea salt, tea rose, hemp bath and beer bath, peat, fruit mix

More information about the various types of baths is available here.


Clients can also enjoy classic massages of either face and décolleté or back, directly in the wellness center of guest house Alfa. The effects of this treatment are the elimination of pain, support of the lymphatic system, relieving muscle tension and much more.

Novelty: From October, you can indulge yourself and your partner also pair massage in the guesthouse Alfa. Choose from our offer of massages and enjoy a shared relaxation in two.

Choose from the offer of massages here.

Beer spa and other treatments

We will gladly book spa procedures, massages, various kinds of baths or cosmetics in our partner salon (150 meters away, also directly at colonnade).  The most popular beer bath is part of our preferred holiday package.

Holiday packages Wellness packages

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