Right in the wellness center of guest house Alfa, you can choose from a wide range of massages. Enjoy great relaxation in newly renovated premises. Our experienced masseurs will create a pleasant atmosphere and fulfill your every wish. You can choose not only from classic techniques, but also hot stones, chocolate or special facial massages. Newly, we offer pair massage for 2 persons of their choice.


Price of the procedure is per person. 
Manual back massage - 40 minutes  450 CZK 
Manual back massage - 30 minutes  350 CZK
Manual neck massage - 20 minutes  250 CZK
Manual body massage - 90 minutes  850 CZK
Manual hand massage - 30 minutes  300 CZK
Manual foot massage - 35 minutes  400 CZK
Manual massage of legs + buttocks - 35 minutes  400 CZK
Chocolate massage - 20 minutes  300 CZK
Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes  730 CZK
Hot Stone Massage - 30 minutes  380 CZK 

If you are interested in pair massage for 2 persons do not hesitate to contact us. We prepare for you moments together full of relaxation under the guidance of two experienced masseurs in one relaxation room.


Facial massages 

Price of the procedure is per person. 
Micro-massage of the eyes - 30 minutes  250 CZK 
Facial massage - 30 minutes  200 CZK 
Neckline massage - 30 minutes  150 CZK 
Facial + neckline massage - 50 minutes  300 CZK 
Nutritional anti-aging mask 250 CZK 

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