Baths have a beneficial effect on the organism. In the wellness center of the guest house Alfa in Podebrady you can indulge in various baths with unique effects on body and mind. Thanks to the additives of your choice, you can also enjoy a pleasant aromatherapy. Small themed snacks are also part of the treatment for free.

Hemp baths

This bath can be done at home as well. It is created by doctors, pharmacists and other experts. Hemp oil has no addictive effects. Effects are still being tested, but are gradually being introduced into both clinical and therapeutic methods. What a hemp bath is suitable for:

  • Skin problems and diseases
  • Eczema, psoriasis, dandruff
  • Acne and cold sores
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Stretch marks and cellulite

Bubble bath - whirlpool bath

This bath is not only for adults, but is also very suitable for children, bathing is done in a seated bath where nozzles are differently arranged. They allow relaxation of the muscles and joints of the lower limbs. What these baths are good for:

  • Chronic joint problems and spinal pain syndromes
  • Post-traumatic conditions and chronic venous problems
  • Spastic and bland polio
  • Regeneration after excessive load
  • Headaches and insomnia
  • Neuroses and chronic constipation
  • Swelling and lymphatic problems, and many other diseases

Chocolate bath

It is very good for relaxation. This bath gives the body and skin everything they need. Your body gets so much needed oils, fats, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, acids and antioxidants. What it is useful for:

  • Heart disease
  • Good circulation of blood
  • Elimination of endorphins
  • Smoothing, rejuvenating and reviving the skin

Beer bath

Beer baths have both beneficial and rejuvenating effects. They also supply our body with a lot of vitamin B, proteins, carbohydrates. These baths are suitable for:

  • Sore joints, back, neck, arms and legs
  • Eczema, psoriasis, cellulite and dry skin

Herbal baths

These baths are made from dried herbs that have a beneficial effect on our whole organism. Especially, they are good for relaxing muscles and before massage. They are also taken as aromatherapy. They have a very long-lasting effect and feeling of relaxation. However, caution should be given to people with high blood pressure and heart disease. It always depends on the choice of herbal bath and water temperature.

Salt baths

Salt baths are among the most efficient on the whole body. They improve blood circulation in the skin and internal organs, they can very well cure any inflammation.Salt from the Dead Sea is one of the best. They are used to:

  • Joint diseases such as rheumatism, Bechterew, degenerative diseases and arthrosis
  • After polio and paralysis
  • Chronic inflammation and hormonal disorders in women
  • Insufficient function of the ovaries and glands
  • Perthes' disease of the bones
  • Psoriasis, eczema, blood circulation disorders and mild heart disease

Oil baths

Each of us can enjoy oil baths. These baths can psychically relax and give us energy. Oil baths also help our skin regenerate. They are very well suited for skin drying, eczema and other skin diseases. They induce maximum relaxation.

Aromatic - fruit baths

Aromatic baths serve as aromatherapy. They have incredibly beneficial effects on our body and soul. If we combine it with essential oils, it is much more effective. It is very suitable for relaxation, stress relief and against fatigue. That is why it is good to enjoy it as often as possible.

Detox bath - cleansing

During detox bath your cells are restored and they return your body to the right balance. Your tissues are well supplied with oxygen and nutrients. But it also helps to efficiently remove waste and toxic substances from your body. You lymph system improves.

In many countries, baths have different forms of rituals. The goal is always to clean the body not only physically but also mentally. Thanks to various baths that have plenty of beneficial effects, we give our body and soul what they need. We feel relaxed and the body is in balance again. Therefore, we should enjoy the baths as often as possible.

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